Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hopefully everyone is ready with  gifts for their moms.Don't you have an idea how to pack them? Here are some gift wrapping ideas for you guys.

Polka dots are favourite of anyone.It makes the gift looks classy.

Fold the one side of the wrapping sheet and make that like a little fan.

 If you want to wrap a jar,Place that at the center of the wrapping sheet.Then make small pleads and gather all sides and make a knot.

 Make a handle with two bows in each side.That would look something different.

Ribbons and Buttons can always make a gift stands out in its outlook.

Have A Great Sunday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY: Spring Color Button Bracelets

I made these button bracelets to color block my outfit.It turned out pretty well.I selected spring time colors so that I can rock the season :)

Here are some of those button bracelets.

Stay Fab!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kate Middleton Inspired Half Up-Do

Kate Middleton is a Style icon and she is known for her half up-dos.This id one of her famous half up-do.
Steps to get this hair style.

  1. Take a small amount of hair in your sideways and from the center close to your forehead.
  2. With a rest of your hair make a normal half updo and spray your hairspray to keep that in one place.
  3. Take hair from sides and pin that with butterfly clips and place the rest of your hair from the center in between those butterfly clips.
  4. Slowly remove the hair band from your ponytail.
Stylish half up-do is ready.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY:The French Tip Shoe.

Another hit trend of this season is French Tip Shoe.Yes! It's everywhere.I saw one video by Chriselle on Youtube how to make you own french tip shoes and I wanted to give it a try.I've been using this shoes for nearly 6 months and I'm tired of this look.I decided to convert this into a french tip pair.Here we go.

Old Look

Ready To Be Painted

Drying On Process

Here is the Final Look

I Love It

 Have A Great Day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY: Spring Flower Necklace

I made a gorgeous flower necklace to style my outfits for this spring season.

I had some ribbon flowers and my crafty mind inside wanted to do something with that.The color of these flowers is more towards peacock blue.Since pastel colors are big hit trend of this spring,I wanted to add something in pastel blue also.I took out some pearls and ribbon from my collection in pastel blue and I went in action :p

First I stitched 5 flowers together in below shape.


Then I pasted that with ribbon and made two tassels using pearls and same flowers.Spring Flower Necklace is ready to rock :)

Happy Crafting!

Braided Ponytail.

This is just a simple hairstyle but it will make your hairstyle stands out  from the boring everyday ponytail and it won't take much time also.

Braided Ponytail

I just made 5 small braids starting from top of my head and at equal distance and secured them with wool bands then took all my hair and made a ponytail and removed the wool bands I used to secure the braids.

You can do this just within 5 minutes.Dare to make some difference in your daily normal hairstyles.

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