Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY: Crochet Necklace.

I made this crochet necklace today.It is super easy.I attached 6 crochet rounds together using same color thread then used a silver chain to connect both the ends.

You can wear this as a short necklace with your turtleneck tees (just make a knot in your chain) or as a long one with any dress.

Here you can see how i styled this as a short necklace and as a long necklace.It really made a big difference in my plain turtleneck t-shirt.

 Leave your reactions here (:



  1. cool:) would you consider adding some studs in the middle of the rounds? it could look really funky!

  2. Yeah.That would be cooler than this (: I will try to modify this a bit.I really appreciate your idea.


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