Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hairagami Styles

I recently found this hair accessory called  Hairagami Bun Tail.This is made of two springy metal covered with a soft cloth.You can fold,wrap and snap it and you can create infinite number of hairstyles using this.Find more information about this here.

 Style 01.Half Up Half Down.

Take top layer of hair and spread that between Hairagami and roll it up then bend the ends.

If you want you can curl your bottom layer which will give a wavy look (:

 Style 02.Bun Pony Tail.

Spread the top layer between Hairagami and roll it up then bend it in a way it makes a round shape.

Place the bottom layer of hair inside bun.

This will give you a chic look.

You can make infinite number of buns,half up dos and pony tails.Look for more styles with Hairagami in coming weeks.

Be Chic.


  1. Thank you so much.And as i commented in your bloggers profile I Love your blog.


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