Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY:Jewellery Holder

I have a wooden cup and saucer holder which I don't like to use for its purpose.I don't want to take the risk of dropping them and breaking while trying to hang them or take I keep my cup and saucer set in my pantry cupboard.



I wanted to use that for some other purpose.I remembered the saying "If you see it,You will wear it". Eureka! I normally keep my accessories in a drawer and I always have the trouble of finding the pairs and matching colors for my dress.


I decided to convert this as a jewellery holder.I selected some accessories which I would wear everyday.I hung them in that wooden holder.Here is the final outcome.



Have A Great Weekend!

The Hunger Games Katniss Inspired Braid

Today I did Hunger Games Katniss Braid to style my hair.
It is a curved dutch braid and it is super duper easy :)


Take a small section of your hair from the left side at the top of your head.

Spit that into 3 equal sections.

Start doing dutch braid (You should pull the pieces of hair under the braid instead of over the braid like you would do in french braid)

As you move on from the left side of top of your head to right side of bottom of your head,Grab small sections of hair and add that to your right strand and to left strand in turns.

After braiding up to bottom of your head,grab all your hair and continue braiding a dutch braid.

Once you're done,secure your braid with a band.

If your hair is thin,Just pull your strands a little bit that will give you a perfect look.

Happy Hunger Games.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hairagami Bun

As I already mentioned in my previous post that I am trying new styles using Hairagami accessory.This bun is one of the outcome of that.Here I used two Hairgami Tools.I sectioned my hair into two layers.Bottom and top.Then I made a bun using Hairagami in the bottom layer then I made another bun from the top layer just top of the bottom layer bun.Then I pulled out my bottom bun a bit in a way that shows some layer difference. Hairagami Bun is ready.

Side View

Top Look

I am trying to do some Hairagami styles with braids.Do you want to style something different? Keep your eye on my posts (:

Have A Great Day.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY: Multilayer Ribbon Bracelets.

Hi My Lovely Friends!

I noticed lot of people are interested in Ribbon Bracelets so I started experimenting new designs in Ribbon Bracelets and I made this Multilayer Ribbon bracelet yesterday.

Multilayer Ribbon Bracelet.


This has 4 layers.One normal pearl bracelet then one plain ribbon and two bracelets using ribbon and pearls.I made all 4 layers separately and tied up all those 4 layers with the same ribbon.And It looks fabulous.

What do you think Guys.Please comment your views (:

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