Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Series:Heart Shaped Braided Ponytail

This is my next post in the valentine's day series.This hair style is PERFECT for this month since valentine's day is just around the corner.You can style this for normal days also as it's super easy and cool.

Heart Shaped Braided Ponytail

To create this hair style you'll need.
                         Few Bobby Pins.
                         Elastic Bands(Preferably your hair color)


    Comb your hair to make it tangle free.
    Separate a section from bottom half of your hair and secure the rest by making a high bun.Then it won't disturb your braiding.
    Divide the bottom hair into two equal sections and do a regular braid on each side of your head all the way down.Make sure you start braiding from the center.
    Secure your braids with elastic bands.

    Pin your braids using bobby pins in a way it forms a heart shape as shown in the below image(Bobby pins are shown by blue lines)

Remove the high bun and elastic bands you used to secure your braids and make a ponytail.

Here is the final look of this hair style.

You could embellish the style by weaving one or two red ribbon or any other matching ribbon for your outfit through the braids.It will give a much defined look.

Happy Hairstyling!


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