Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY:Jewellery Holder

I have a wooden cup and saucer holder which I don't like to use for its purpose.I don't want to take the risk of dropping them and breaking while trying to hang them or take I keep my cup and saucer set in my pantry cupboard.



I wanted to use that for some other purpose.I remembered the saying "If you see it,You will wear it". Eureka! I normally keep my accessories in a drawer and I always have the trouble of finding the pairs and matching colors for my dress.


I decided to convert this as a jewellery holder.I selected some accessories which I would wear everyday.I hung them in that wooden holder.Here is the final outcome.



Have A Great Weekend!


  1. This jewelry holder seems like a very good idea! I always hold my jewels in one or two bigger boxes and it's hard to find what I'm looking for usually, as they're all piled upon each other!

  2. Ya.I also used to do the same.But after having some of my accessories in this holder,I tend to wear them often.Thanks :)


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