Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Dressed of The Week

Here are some of my Favourite Looks over the last weekend. (23/06 - 30/06 )

Who : Sandra Bullock
Where  :Tonight Show with Jay Leno
When : 28th June,2013
What : Azzaro 

Who : Helena Chistensen
Where  :Blackstones Launch, New York
When : 24th June,2013

Who : Karolina Kurkova
Where  :New York
When : 28th June,2013

Who : Hanneli Mustaparta
Where  :Calvin Klein Collection Menswear Show,Milan
When : 23rd June,2013
What : Calvin Klein Collection
Who : Lil Mama
Where  :BET Awards,LA
When : 30th June,2013
What : Jovani

Who : Michelle Williams
Where  :BET Awards,LA
When : 30th June,2013
What : Nicci Hou 

Who : Jacquetta Wheeler
Where  :Serpentine Gallery Summer Party,London
When : 26th June,2013
What : Alice by Temperley Jumpsuit

Who : Rosario Dawson
Where  :New York City
When : 25th June,2013.
Who : Clemence Poesy
Where  : 'Mr. Morgan's Last Love' Film Screening,Germany
When : 29th June,2013.
Who : Nicki Minaj
Where  :BET Awards,LA
When : 30th June,2013
I hope You enjoyed My Favourite Picks.Stay Connected for more Best Dressed List.

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