Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 I bought this Parrot Necklace on eBay shown in the first picture and I was not happy with the quality of some pendants.So I removed all the pendants and started to use them individually.I had this chain with me and I am not a fan of wearing this size chains So I decided to convert that chain into something else and Here it is.

I used a pair of scissors to open the chain and got two wrist size chains.Saved the Clasp for using later.

 I didn't have any black ribbon.So I used black Nylon Thread instead. First open up one chain using scissors and connect two pieces of chain and close it.Then put a knot on one side.
 Then insert thread through the other side first chain and take that through the second chain of the first piece of chain.In this way you would get a slant look.Continue doing this until you reach the end.

 When you reach the end open one chain and connect both pieces using it then close it using scissors.Make a knot and secure the ribbon. Connect the clasp and your bracelet is ready.

This is the final look of my bracelet and I feel it is a very good causal piece to wear with any outfit.

If you make this bracelet,please share with me in my Facebook Page.You can find it here.

Have a Great Day!

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